BBB Accredited Transportation Provider

Here’s a full service transportation management provider that’s BBB accredited – AIT Worldwide Logistics.

Founded in 1979, AIT Worldwide Logistics is headquartered in Chicago, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Leveraging creative, competitively priced multimodal solutions, AIT removes the complexity from global logistics puzzles, helping companies thrive by regaining focus on the core goals of their business.

To become BBB accredited, AIT must meet standards that contribute to BBB's vision of an ethical marketplace built on trust between businesses and consumers, including:

  • Building Trust
  • Being Transparent
  • Being Responsive
  • Embodying Integrity

Visit AIT’s BBB Profile Page to learn more about this BBB accredited transportation management provider, or contact an AIT representative today.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with over 52 offices worldwide.

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