Accredited Business - Transportation Consultants

Looking for a Better Business Bureau accredited business – transportation consultants? AIT Worldwide Logistics is the answer!

By coupling a flexible business model with robust technology that presents end-to-end shipment visibility, AIT delivers precisely tailored supply chain efficiencies for almost every industry imaginable, including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, energy, natural case, entertainment, fashion, textiles, government, high tech, home delivery, life science, perishables, printed matter and publishing, telecommunications, trade show industry, and 3PL. superior customer service is backed by innovative, custom-built technology so you always know the status and location of your shipment. 

BBB’s accreditation standards -- including honesty, transparency, responsiveness and integrity in the marketplace -- echo AIT’s own ethics and culture. AIT is proud to display the highly regarded BBB logo as a symbol of our ongoing commitment to a best-in-class customer experience.

When it comes to finding an accredited business – transportation consultants, AIT Worldwide Logistics is the answer! Visit AIT’s BBB Profile Page or contact an AIT representative today to discuss your specific needs.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with over 52 offices worldwide.

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